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For Employers & Community Partners

It is challenging for families to find reliable, affordable, and high quality child care for their children. All Our Kin is proud to introduce the Provider Showcase, a resource that connects parents with family child care providers. Employees can worry less about finding child care for their children. The Provider Showcase will help your employees find child care that works for them.

Benefits to Employers
When employees have access to quality and reliable child care, both they and their employers see the benefits.

  • Employees are less likely to be absent because of lack of child care.
  • Employees are less likely to be tardy and better able to concentrate on their work.
  • Employees are less likely to leave a job because of lack of child care.

A study conducted by Cornell University found that the availability of high quality child care decreased employee absences by 20–30% and reduced turnover by 37–60% (Ithaca: Cornell Cooperative Extension, December 2004).

Share the Provider Showcase with Your Employees or Clients
The Provider Showcase is available to all families online. It provides parents access to easy-to-understand information, all in one place, about local child care options. Please contact us if your organization would like to explore ways to improve child care options for your employees. In addition to making the Provider Showcase available to your clients, a partnership could include child care informational workshops for your employees, concierge child care services and customizable materials.

Please contact Nilda Aponte at nilda@allourkin.org for more information.

What is Family Child Care?
Family child care providers are licensed by the State of Connecticut to provide care to children in a private home. Like center-based programs, licensed family child care programs are regulated by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood. The Office checks each home for health and safety prior to licensure and makes unannounced visits to programs.

Licensed family child care is one of the types of child care available to parents. Family child care offers a home-like setting and usually includes children from different ages, from infants and toddlers to preschoolers. Family child care providers may also care for school-age children before and after school hours. The mixed-age setting means children stay with the same teacher for multiple years and siblings can stay together. While each program is unique, often family child care programs feel more like a family than a classroom. The benefits to families may include:

  • Intimate and Family-Like Setting;
  • Flexible and Non-traditional Hours;
  • Affordable and Conveniently Located Care; and
  • Mixed-Age Setting.

The Provider Showcase is made available by the generous support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and New Haven Investment Fund.

For more information, see the Provider Showcase Employer and Community Partner Overview.