For Families

Finding child care can be a challenge. Where do you begin?
All Our Kin’s Provider Showcase provides parents access to easy-to-understand information, all in one place, about local family child care options.

What is the Provider Showcase?
The Provider Showcase offers certain family child care providers an opportunity to present information about their businesses. Here is some of the information you may find on the site:

  • Child Care Name, Address & Contact Information
  • License Number & Capacity
  • Ages Served
  • Hours of Operation
  • Languages Spoken
  • Provider Education & Training
  • Provider Philosophy

Is the Provider Showcase a comprehensive list of all family child care options in my area?
No, participation by providers is entirely voluntary. Additionally, providers wishing to appear on the site provide documentation to All Our Kin reflecting that (as of the time of submission) they:

  • Have an active Connecticut family child care license;
  • Have liability insurance coverage;
  • Have completed 90 hours of professional development within the past three years; and
  • Fall into one of the following three categories:

Providers that meet these criteria are not guaranteed the opportunity to be listed on the site. All Our Kin reserves the right not to list a provider for any reason or no reason at all. The family child care providers appearing on this site are independent businesses, which are not owned or operated by All Our Kin. It is the responsibility of each family to visit the programs they are considering and to evaluate the quality of care and fit before making a choice.

Currently, the Provider Showcase only includes providers in New Haven. We hope to include other geographic regions in the future.

If you are seeking family child care outside of New Haven, or wish to see a comprehensive list of all licensed family child care providers in New Haven, you may visit 2-1-1 Child Care at or call 2-1-1.

What is Family Child Care?
Family child care providers are licensed by the State of Connecticut to provide care to children in a private home. Like center-based programs, licensed family child care programs are regulated by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood. The Office checks each home for health and safety prior to licensure and makes unannounced visits to programs.

Licensed family child care is one of the types of child care available to parents. Family child care offers a home-like setting and usually includes children from different ages, from infants and toddlers to preschoolers. Family child care providers may also care for school-age children before and after school hours. The mixed-age setting means children stay with the same teacher for multiple years and siblings can stay together. While each program is unique, often family child care programs feel more like a family than a classroom. The benefits to families may include:

  • Intimate and Family-Like Setting;
  • Flexible and Non-traditional Hours;
  • Affordable and Conveniently Located Care; and
  • Mixed-Age Setting.

The Provider Showcase is made available by the generous support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and New Haven Investment Fund.

For more information see the Provider Showcase Brochure.